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9 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Without Ditching Your Weight Loss Goals

So you can stay on track—and in the spirit!

These 9 tips will help you enjoy the day without racking up over-the-rainbow SmartPointsTM values.


1. Join the fun.

 Instead of sitting on the sidelines, march in the parade! Either join a group that's walking or march to your own beat.


2. Play games with green.

 Start your own tradition: Every time someone around you mentions green, tack on an additional push-up or an extra minute of cardio to the next day's workout.


3. Look for leprechauns.

 Taking a hike in the spring weather can be an excellent way to see some natural greens. Pack a lunch and hit the trails.


4. Swap green beer for green tea.

 Besides all of the added health benefits, drinking green tea puts you in your own holiday spirit — a relaxed one.


5. Make a festive plate.

 Celebrate by eating all the verdant veggies you can get your hands on: spinach, broccoli, green beans, lettuce.


6. Go in search of luck.

 Weather permitting, get outside and into the grass to hunt for four-leaf clovers.


7. Throw a party.

 Invite friends to your place and require that each bring a healthy dish. With you in control of the food and the drink, it won't take any luck to get you through the holiday.


8. Keep things fun.

 Use green food-coloring to make healthy and festive snacks for you or your kids. Low SmartPoints value green milkshakes, anyone?


9. Forge a path to your pot of gold.

 Write your accomplishments on slips of paper and keep them together in a little black pot. One day, that pot of success will make you feel rich.

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