Shaking Things Up with WW FreestyleTM!

Apprehension to the initial change to the WW Freestyle program has now turned into absolute LOVE!

By Kenneth Selke

It’s now been a few months since I started the WW Freestyle program, and I am over the moon in love with this program. I was reluctant to make the change initially, knowing how much work I’d need to put in to adapt my daily meals to fall within my ideal SmartPoints® range. Though it did take some effort, it wasn’t nearly as much work as I had anticipated, and the “shake-up” has apparently kicked my weight loss back into a regular downward trend. The WW Freestyle program not only forced me out of my “routine” daily meal plan, but also helped me discover amazing new recipes, plus I now have a whole new list of “go-to” meals and snacks.

big guy - veggies - body text

One of the things that I love most about the WW Freestyle program is its emphasis on eating more foods that nourish my body. I’m encouraged to eat more, not less. You’ll never hear me argue against that point! The only difference is that most of the food I’m now incorporating into my meals are wholesome, nutrient-rich, filling, natural foods. The list of foods that are zero Points® is now so extensive, and I’ve found so much joy in finding new, full-flavor ways of preparing them. From sautéed asparagus using real butter, to salads drizzled in extra-virgin olive oil, I’m not missing anything. I constantly feel satiated and satisfied. I must also include the fact that in almost every dish I prepare, I try to find a way to incorporate eggs! Eggs are by far my new favorite zero Points food, and I take full advantage of that fact!

It’s amazing to me that as satisfied as I have felt nearly the entire time I’ve been on the WW Freestyle program, week after week, I’ve lost weight. January 2018 was one of the first months in a very long time where I lost weight every single week during the month while on plan. I hope to keep this momentum going well into February, even with Valentine’s Day thrown in there. As a topper, Erin and I both signed up for a gym near our house and have been working out together at least three days each week. Between my new food choices, and the extra calories that I’ve been burning at the gym, I’m on a roll, and excited to keep this trend going! WW Freestyle is absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the next few months hold!

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