On the Road

By Shani Petroff

I spent the last week on the road. My book, Airport, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over, came out, and I got to travel to a few states to talk about it! I turned the trip into a mini-vacation, and my boyfriend and I drove from New York to Pennsylvania to Virginia to Maryland (and back) combining work with travel adventures.

I had a great time. I met amazing authors, booksellers, and readers—and got to visit bookstores (my favorite type of store) and explore new cities. However, throughout it all there were a lot of food temptations. Breakfast buffets, junk food at rest stops, treats at events, cute ice cream shops, and restaurants galore. I didn’t want to deprive myself—it was my vacation—but I also wanted a healthy and successful week. It took some self-control and planning.

Beware the all-you-can-eat meals. Just because the hotel had an all-you-can-eat buffet, didn’t mean it had to be taken literally. Eating just to eat won’t help me develop healthy habits. So, instead of loading my plate with everything I saw, I paced myself and thought about what I was choosing. When I’m hungry, and the first thing I see is pastries, I want to grab them. I didn’t. Instead, I moved to the eggs and fruit. I filled my plate, got some water and had my meal. I told myself if afterward I was still hungry or still really wanted a pastry, I could have it. Only, once I had something in my stomach, that need for the breakfast dessert was gone. If I’m going to have a pastry, I want a really good one. The ones the hotel looked okay, but not something I wanted to use up SmartPoints® values on! The day was just getting started, and I knew there’d be other things I’d want a lot more. Choosing the eggs and fruit also helped me save my SmartPoints Budget for later (although I did count a few SmartPoints values since I didn’t see how the eggs were prepared, and I had to assume they were made with butter or something similar).

Get moving. The book events didn’t help me get many steps in, but almost all the other activities did! I did so much walking. I went to the wetlands and walked around for miles. I went to historic sites and toured the area. Even the rain didn’t keep me from moving. I just pulled out an umbrella and checked out each site. Even when I decided on an indoor activity (one of the nights was very rainy and a movie seemed like a good choice), I walked there. Two of the days on the trip, I logged more than six miles. However, I did remind myself that even though I was getting in a lot of exercise and that would allow me to eat extra food, it didn’t give me unlimited SmartPoints values.

Healthy snacks. I had bought a cookie platter for one of the events, but the store preferred nothing messy –and the cookies were super crumbly, so I didn’t put them out. That meant I had a tray of cookies for myself. When I got hungry, it was so tempting to take one, two, 20. I did have a few over the trip (I tracked them), but I didn’t go overboard. Instead, I also made sure to have healthy snacks with me, too. That breakfast buffet had bananas and yogurt. I took one of each with me—and I actually ate them. After the wetlands, I was feeling good about all the fresh air and exercise I had just gotten. The next stop was lunch, but I was hungry. I wanted a snack. I didn’t want to waste my Smart Points values on a cookie (not with lunch right around the corner). So I had the banana! It tied me over, and I got to use my SmartPoints Budget where I wanted to!

You can’t have what’s not there. I had to “trick” myself on occasion. Sometimes, I see something, and I want it (even if I don’t really want it). This happened with cake pops. One of the authors brought some to the events. I thought it was a great touch (they matched our books), and I was glad she did it. Only, I’d see them, and think I wanted to eat some too. I told myself to wait to the end, that it wasn’t time to snack. I was busy talking to people, signing books, etc. I kept telling myself that, and before I knew it, the table was cleared and the cake pops were gone! It kept me from overindulging in something I didn’t want to overindulge on. (I did have one cake pop the last day—and again, it was something I tracked.)

Enjoy the food. I had some really nice meals. For some I chose the salad topped with fish. For others, I had the nachos or the fries or the fancy drink. And I enjoyed them. They were my SmartPoints values to use—and I did. It wasn’t a perfect eating week, I did go a little over (even with the added exercise), but I tracked, and overall I think I made some really good decisions and had a successful trip. I still have work to do, I’m still learning, but I’m getting there. And thanks to this trip, I’m better prepared for the challenges of the next one!

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