Ready, Set, Eat

By Shani Petroff

My schedule right now is swamped. While I love the idea of cooking a nice meal, with my next book project due soon, it seems overwhelming. Yet, I know preparing my meals is the best way for me to stick to my Weight Watchers goals. So I headed to the supermarket to do some shopping. I found a wrap product that is only 1 SmartPoints® value (!), and this week it’s been a lifesaver. It’s allowed me to make some supereasy SmartPoints value mini-meals that take practically no time. And I thought I’d share my simple go-to recipes with you (FYI, I found and bought all of the products on my own, and have not been asked to endorse them in any way):

The Pita Pizza - 4 SmartPoints value

1 wrap (I used Tumaros Low-in-Carb Wraps, Whole Wheat - 1SP)
¼ cup pasta sauce (I used Newman’s Own Marinara - 1SP)
2 light mozzarella string cheese (I used the Weight Watchers brand - 2SP)

1. Preheat oven at 350°F. Put the wrap on a baking sheet (I put it on tin foil on the baking sheet to avoid extra cleanup — sometimes I sprayed the foil with PAM, other times I forgot, they were both fine, but I recommend the spray). Spread on the tomato sauce, tear up the string cheese, and place on top.)
2. Bake for about 10 minutes or until your liking — and then you have a mini-pizza! (I sometimes keep it in a bit longer, because I like it a little more well-done.)

Now you may be wondering why I used string cheese instead of shredded cheese, but I’m bad at moderation, and when I have a bag of cheese, I just keep pouring. The string cheese kept me in check about how much I was using without having to pull out the measuring cup. (And to save SmartPoints, sometimes I only used one string cheese.)

The Smoked Salmon Wrap - 4 SmartPoints value

2 Tbsp Philadelphia 2x Protein Cream Cheese spread (2SP)
1 wrap (Tumaros Low-in-Carb Wraps, Whole Wheat - 1SP)
2 oz smoked salmon (1SP)
1 small tomato, sliced (0SP)

Spread the cream cheese on the wrap, put on the salmon, add tomato slices, and roll it up!

The 2x protein cream cheese tastes the same to me as the regular kind, so I tend to stock up on it. The container has six servings. When I first open it, I take my knife and slice through the cream cheese and divide it into six equal parts. It saves me time, I don’t have to dirty a measuring spoon, and I’m not accidentally taking two or more servings. I also buy a 4-oz package of smoked salmon and just use half of it. Again, it makes it so I don’t have to think too much about portion size.

The Turkey-Guac Wrap - 6 SmartPoints value

2 oz guacamole (I used Sabra - 3SP) 
1 wrap (Tumaros Low-in-Carb Wraps, Whole Wheat - 1SP)
15 slices of thin turkey breast (I used Tirat Zvi — it’s a kosher brand — 2SP)

Spread guacamole on the pita, add the turkey, and wrap it up. You can also add lettuce and tomato if you’re in the mood — or substitute avocado for the guacamole.

Again, because of my portion-control issues, I bought the Sabra guacamole that came in individual 2-oz containers. And the whole package of turkey was 2 SmartPoints value. The 15 slices that came in the package were big. There was a lot of turkey! Enough so, that the second time I made it, I left half of it off of the wrap, and put it on the side to snack on later (but you could also only use half and save one SmartPoints value).

The Peanut Butter–Banana Wrap - 7 SmartPoints value

2 Tbsp Peanut butter (I use Trader Joe’s unsalted, natural pb - 6SP)
1 wrap (Tumaros Low-in-Carb Wraps, Whole Wheat - 1SP)
1 banana (0SP)

Spread the peanut butter on the wrap, add banana slices, roll up, and eat.

It’s filling, it tastes like a treat, and it can be a meal or a very substantial snack. 

There are lots of ways to alter these recipes: If you don’t like wraps, use a piece of bread and make an open-faced sandwich! It will add a SmartPoints value, but it’s still not a lot.

These meals really helped me out when time was short. They are far less SmartPoints than the candy bar, pint of ice cream, slice of pizza, or McDonald’s that I would have grabbed otherwise, and they still tasted good and filled me up!

I hope it gave you some ideas, and I’d love to hear your quick go-to snacks and meals. You can find me on Connect at @shani!