Pasta 4 Ways!

Whether you have a lot of SmartPoints to spend or very few, we have delicious recipes for you!
Published December 1, 2017

On WW Freestyle™, you can have your pasta any way you like. Just let your SmartPoints®  Budget (and your taste buds) be your guide!



Love spiralizing your zucchini? Choose from Zoodles with Pesto & Roasted Vegetables for only 4 SmartPoints value or add some beef, cheese, and spaghetti to make Zoodles and Pasta with Meat Sauce and Fresh Mozzarella for 9 SmartPoints value instead. 


Not eating beef? No problem — try Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs for 10 SmartPoints value. If you are opting for beef, enjoy Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Meatballs for 13 SmartPoints value. 

Keep these grocery staples on hand to make these plan-friendly (and delicious!) dishes any time:

  • zucchini (whole or pre-spiralized zoodles)

  • dried spaghetti

  • breadcrumbs

  • Parmiggiano-Reggiano cheese

  • fresh mozzarella cheese

  • eggs

  • salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning

  • ground turkey or beef

  • canned diced tomatoes with seasonings and/or canned tomato sauce

  • grape tomatoes

  • Bell peppers

  • shallots

  • reduced-fat pesto sauce

  • onions

  • parsley, basil, and/or other herbs