Packing a Punch

My experience at RUMBLE Boxing Studio

Last week, I got to attend a boxing class at RUMBLE in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC. And to be honest, boxing intimidates me for a bunch of reasons:

I think I look silly doing it — everyone has this fierce stance and I feel like I’m just flopping around, not knowing how I look, if my form is correct, and so on….

The combinations! I can barely remember what a jab is…and then I have to do a jab, cross, undercut, repeat, duck? What?

I’m afraid I’ll totally spaz out and have the punching bag hit me back in the nose, Marcia Brady–style.

My arms…are…weak.

Now, before you talk me off the ledge, I was wrong. Kind of.

My arms are weak, but you know how you get strong arms? BY WORKING THEM OUT. Sometimes I feel that I spend so much time on my legs with running and spinning that I neglect my top half, feeling like the walking ice cream cone girl of Brooklyn.

And the combinations were tough to remember, but you know what? IT’S OKAY. Was it the end of the world? No. Did I punch through the entire 30 minutes, with glee and disregard to whether I was doing the correct punch? Yup. And it was fun. And it was still a great way to break a (lot of) sweat.

RUMBLE’s a gorgeous space, with a super-fun underground club vibe. The workout focuses on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sequences both with the bag and then in another section of the class, where you work the total body with abs exercises, arm work, glutes, leg moves, and more.

Do I think I’m the next Laila Ali? Not a chance. But I felt stronger and all the better for trying something new. I’m actually really happy that I worked hard on another part of my body, proving to myself that it’s doable and actually GOOD FOR ME.

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