One Step at a Time

By Shani Petroff

There are two elevators in my building. One has been broken for a while now. I came home the other day to an unpleasant surprise. Elevator number-two was out of order as well.

That meant I had to hike up five flights of stairs.

I looked at the bags of groceries in my hands and seriously considered getting rid of them. Even when I didn’t have anything to carry, the stairs left me out of breath. How was I going to do it with heavy bags?

I took a deep breath.

I knew the answer:  One step at a time. (The same way I was learning to take on the Weight Watchers program and all my other goals.)

I put one foot in front of the other and forged ahead.

A lot of thoughts went through my head:

1. I got this. The first flight was easy, I was at the beginning, and I was ready for the challenge. I wanted this attitude to stay, but unfortunately, as I continued on up the stairs, my “go get ‘em” attitude started to fade away.

2. I am so out of shape. By floor three, I needed to stop and take a few breaths. It reminded me that I want to be healthy, that I want to be able to run up stairs and not be winded, that it’s important to be in shape — that you never know when you’re going to be stuck needing to do something physical.

3. How bad would it be to just stop, to camp out in between floors? I have food. I have a smartphone. I can just sit and watch some Netflix. Yes, I had my moment of wanting to quit. It got hard, I was tired, my hands were hurting from the handles of the bags, but (again like with the WW program) I knew that giving up wasn’t an option. So, I rested for a tiny bit and went up the next flight.

4. Wait, I’m here? I got to my floor, and I almost didn’t realize it. I had been looking at the step ahead of me and was ready to turn onto the next floor when it dawned on me that I was where I needed to be.

5. Can I never leave my apartment again until the elevator is fixed? I got to my destination. I wanted to be done, but my journey wasn’t over. I was going to have to keep at it, going down and up the stairs. I couldn’t get lazy just because I reached my goal.

6. I got this. I headed back out later that evening (and made sure to wear flats instead of heels) and looked at the experience as a way to get in some extra movement!

Does this mean I love the stairs? No. Do I prefer to take it easy? Usually. And, if I’m laying it all out there, I prefer not to worry about my SmartPoints® budget and eat everything my heart desires as well. Only, I know that doesn’t get me what I truly want. Sometimes the harder path, the one that takes discipline, work, and stamina, gets us where we need to be. So, as I continue my journey — both getting back to my apartment and getting to my weight-loss goal — I’m going to take it one step at a time. I’m going to keep at it, so that I get to exactly where I want to be!

I would love to hear about your progress. You can find me on Connect @shani!

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