Omelette, Anyone?

By Debbie Koenig

When I’m scrambling (ha) to make a quick, healthy dinner that satisfies all three members of my family, I reach for a carton of eggs. Omelettes come together in minutes and offer endless possibilities for flavors. So I was delighted to launch my new column for Weight Watchers magazine — “Master the…” — with a treatise on omelette cookery. You’ll find it on page 84 of the January/February 2017 issue.

In each issue of the magazine this year, I’ll be taking you step-by-step through an essential technique of healthy cooking, including a master recipe and adaptations. By the time you’ve read two pages in the magazine, you should feel ready to leap into action. 

For the omelette piece, I covered which pan to use (yes, it matters) as well as details on preparation, timing, and filling options. I also created a basic recipe that honors everything we love about a good diner version: Fluffy, a little browned around the edges, with the perfect amount of filling. The omelette itself has only 4 SmartPoints® value—if you fold simply-cooked vegetables inside, you’ll have quite a satisfying dinner that fits into even the toughest day.

Once you’ve read the essentials, you’ll find a page devoted to filling ideas. I’ve worked out two filling recipes, each of which adds only a single SmartPoints value to the basic omelette. One is a Western packed with bell peppers, onion, and ham, and the other has mushroom, bacon, and shallots (my personal favorite omelette, ever). And since two options are never enough, I’ve also created a mix-and-match list of vegetables, herbs, meats, and other yummies that you can tuck inside. Go crazy! As long as you stay heavy on the vegetables and light on the cheese and high-SmartPoints value options, you’ll be fine.

I’m really excited about my “Master the…” column. I’ve already written the first four entries, and they’re bursting with fun ideas. If I do say so myself.

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