My Favorite Travel Snacks

By Amy Gorin

I’m always that person who travels with a gigantic snack bag. Hey, I want to make sure I have ample refreshments on a road trip! And I like to be prepared just in case there aren’t any nutritious offerings at convenience stores or vending machines. Traveling this summer? Give these options a try. And remember: You can always add 0 SmartPoints® value fruits and veggies to any snack to make it heartier.

Teriyaki Snack Mix
Skip prepackaged snack mixes for this DIY version that offers whole-grain cereal and nuts. Per serving: 5 SmartPoints value for ½ cup

Banana Snack Bread
Have this healthier treat on hand when you’re looking for a sweet treat. Per serving: 6 SmartPoints value for 1 piece

Fresh Fruit and Veggies
Pack bananas, apples, and pears, which will all stay fresh without refrigeration. Also bring along a combo bag of baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, and grape tomatoes for a crunchy travel snack. Per serving: 0 SmartPoints value

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Amy Gorin is a freelance writer and registered dietitian nutritionist in New Jersey. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.