Moving Day

By Debbie Koenig

Ten boxes filled with cookbooks lean against the wall in the bedroom. Most of my kitchen equipment sits in boxes, too—I haven’t cooked a real meal in four days. Earlier today someone came to take our old kitchen table and chairs, since we’ve already got a dining set at the new place. Our final few meals in Brooklyn will be served picnic-style on paper plates, sitting on a blanket where that table used to be.

The movers come tomorrow, and we’re not ready.

I want so much to take a break, to reflect upon the big transitions happening in my life, but it feels like I don’t have a minute to spare. I woke up at five this morning, my hamster brain spinning through all the things that have to happen in the next 24 hours: The packing, of course, lots of packing, but also some work-work, and meeting the cable company at the new place for installation tonight, and dropping stuff off at Goodwill, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It’s amazing how much dust piles up behind furniture when you’re not a spic-and-span home-keeper.

Some ridiculous impulse sent me to the farmers market two days ago, where I picked up only a little less than I normally do. So the fridge has cherry tomatoes and corn, baby eggplant and herbs, and I feel guilty that I won’t get to cook most of it before it goes bad. The abundant fruit has come in handy, though, since it makes a fine zero Points® snack. When I’m stressed I turn to food, so I’m glad to have the option.

Speaking of SmartPoints®, I won’t be writing about them here for much longer. Because I’m not just moving physically—I’m also moving on from blogging for Weight Watchers. In September the Weight Watchers Voices section will close down, and with it my blog. I plan to spend my last couple of posts talking about my best tips, both for the program and for feeding a picky eater, so watch this space.

But first, I have to get through this move. Wish me luck.

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