Moonstone Beach Gem Hunting

Even when you’re not expecting it, opportunities for a good workout can present themselves at any time!

By Kenneth Selke

Living on the central coast of California, we really haven’t experienced a winter between the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. While we desperately need some rain, I can’t complain about how nice the weather has been. In fact, since being home over the Christmas holiday, Erin and I haven’t gone on any trips home, it’s just been too nice on the coast to leave! Instead, we’ve invited family to visit us, and they’ve been happy to make the trip! Whether we just hang out at the house, or head out on an adventure, it’s been beautiful here.

big guy - moonstone - body
I know that we’re a bit spoiled living where we do, but we make the most of it! In late January, Erin’s middle sister Ashley came to visit us for a week. During her time here, she always wanted to go-go-go! She liked searching online for fun things to do near our home. From outdoor farmers markets, to hidden-gem beaches, we were always on the move. One of the most memorable trips was to a very remote destination beach near Cambria, California, called Moonstone Beach. Aside from beautiful tide pools and endless scenic views along a long stretch of boardwalk, this beach is one of the only places to find a rare agate rock called “moonstone” (thus the name of the beach!).

Once we stepped foot on what looked like sand from a distance, it became clear that this was like no beach I had ever been to before. There really wasn’t any sand at all. Instead, the entire beach was covered in beautiful gems like pebbles, sea glass, and jade. Aside from the beauty of the beach, we also found a lot of joy in collecting stones and searching for those elusive moonstones.

big guy - moonstone - body
During our nearly 3-mile stroll along the beach, we filled up 2-gallon zip-close plastic bags full of beautiful stones that Erin wanted to use in her crafts. So, what started out as a trip to the beach turned into a long workout and fun-filled gem hunting, and ended up providing Erin with a ton of material for her hobby! Needless to say, we will be going back to Moonstone Beach soon, and I know I can get a workout, while having tons of fun—that’s the best kind of exercise!

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