Memorial Day Weekend Success

The unofficial start of summer has come, and the season of vacations, trips, and events is upon us!

By Kenneth Selke

If my Memorial Day weekend trip is any indicator of how my summer is going to go, I might have the most successful and enjoyable summer ever! Erin and I decided to use the Memorial Day weekend to “get off the grid,” and head up to our ranch in the Sequoia National forest, our favorite retreat. Erin and I had invited a couple of friends to come along for the weekend, so on Friday night after a very long, curvy drive, we safely arrived at the ranch in Johnsondale, CA. We were all a bit tired, so we kept things laid-back that night, and after getting settled into our cabin, we ate a healthy stew Erin had made earlier and brought with us. After dinner, we ended up playing cards well into the night — a great way to unwind after such a long day of work and traveling.

kenny- ranch
Saturday morning we all started off with a nice, easy hike through the forest, which we knew very well. The hike is called “Indian Rock” and ends at a historic Native-American site, where there are intricate holes ground out of giant slabs of granite, right next to a creek. The Native Americans used these holes to grind their grain into a dough, which they would then use to make a sort of bread. The hike itself was an amazing experience, but to sit there, knowing how historic and important this slab of rock was, and what it meant to who knows how many generations of people is awe-inspiring. I had been there several times before, but to see the reaction of our friends, seeing it for the first time, was priceless!

kenny - ranch
After our hike we were pretty hot and sweaty, so we thought it would be nice to take a dip in the pool. The only thing was, the water was freezing! It hasn’t been warm enough here yet to really heat the water up at all, but we were so hot, the cold water was extremely refreshing! After the pool, we had lunch back at the cabin, and then went off to play tennis. The rest of that day, we were outside exploring around the ranch, and we ended the night with a campfire by the lake.

After our trip was all said and done, I ended up losing just over 1 pound. As I've continued to lose weight, I have found I really do enjoy being active, and having fun that I used to miss out on like hikes, playing tennis, and basically everything we did that weekend. This summer is shaping up to be one in which I push my boundaries, try new activities, and continue to succeed on my journey. Have a great week everyone!

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