The Makings of a Journey

By Kenneth Selke

When I first joined Weight Watchers, something dawned on me very early on. It was a realization, and it has pretty much set the tone for my journey. There would never come a day in which I would be finished with my efforts to become a healthier person. I’ll never wake up and suddenly be “healthy.” This change I wanted for my life didn’t have a tangible measure of completion. My measure of success is, and always will be, focused on the day-to-day choices I make in my life, and how I feel at any given time. This is a big reason that I always refer to this as my weight-loss “journey.” This isn’t a diet and there isn’t an end to it. This is a change of lifestyle, body, and mind. Sure, there are indicators along the way that are tangible, like the number on the scale, or the size of shirt you wear, but I truly believe, the best way to gauge your progress is by reflecting upon how you FEEL about yourself.

This journey is obviously going to be a long one, so, along the way, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind. Easier said than done. There will be large milestones to celebrate and small victories that fuel your drive. However, there will also come slipups, slides, and outright failures. Sometimes you must make yourself do it, push through even when you don’t want to. Willpower will fluctuate, and it’s not easy to face your lifestyle and habits and tell yourself “I’m going to change,” but you must do it. There are times you’ll want to quit the hard work, but you will always want a better life. You’ll never stop wanting to be healthier, happier, and better in shape, all of which require you to put in the work!

As each day passes while on your journey, realize that you’re another day removed from your old self, and enjoy the present. Appreciate how far you’ve come, especially in the little things, like how much easier it is to put on your socks, or how much slack is left in the seatbelt compared to when you started. Every success, victory, and positive affirmation that you bring into your life makes life that much better. Sometimes the most difficult thing is realizing or noticing those positive changes that you’ve fought hard to earn and deserve.

Every victory you experience on your journey, no matter how big or small, is another step in a positive direction. Celebrate them. Positivity invites positivity. Day after day, step after step, your journey is taking place. The real question here is how you feel about where you are now, and in which direction you’re currently headed. Look ahead on your current path, do you like what you see? If you do, keep going! If what lies ahead doesn’t look like a place you want to find yourself in, start making small changes in your lifestyle, to get back on the path of happiness, fulfillment, and healthiness.

Remember, there is no finish line! This is a lifelong journey that can be enjoyed, rather than endured. The path we choose is up to us, and no one else. 

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