Just Eat the Banana

By Shani Petroff

It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.

I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes the first few times I heard that. I wanted to lose weight. To me, that meant going on a diet — that’s what you did to shed pounds. Or at least that’s what I thought.

But as it turns out that thinking was hurting me.

A diet is quick fix. A diet is something you go on and off of. A diet is where you only worry about the number on the scale.

I don’t want a diet. I fail at diets. I want something that will help me feel and look good, get healthy, and learn lifelong habits. 

It turns out what I want is that healthy “way of life” – and it’s why I stick with Weight Watchers.

Before I joined the program, I avoided bananas like the plague because I considered them “too carby” -- yet I allowed myself daily pints of ice cream. A turkey sandwich was out of the question because of the bread, and yet the Chinese food with the heavy, sugary sauce was totally on the menu. I actually told myself these were acceptable swaps. Now I cringe when I see how many points (and ultimately how much weight) those decisions cost me. I wish I ate the banana.

Before the program, my “healthy” portion of spaghetti was enough to feed three, maybe four people. And I wouldn’t think twice about having it for lunch and dinner. And it wasn’t just pasta. My idea of proper portioning for many foods was all over the place. I may not be perfect now in everything I eat, but when I go overboard — I’m usually very aware. 

Before I joined the program, I thought I could lose the weight and then go back to all my old habits of eating junk and binging. Now I know that is a recipe for disaster. In fact, when I have hiccups on the Weight Watchers program, it is usually because I let that old diet mindset come back in – the one that says you did well, you lost some weight, you can stop now and pick up again in the future. But that just doesn’t work.

I’m learning new habits that I hope will stay with me forever and stick to my goals.

It’s why now instead of rolling my eyes when I hear it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life, I champion it. 

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