I’m Outta Here

You are all amazing people on an amazing journey and I thank you for your support.

By Adam Kraemer

A wise man once said that all good things must come to an end. This is mostly true, though I consider infinity to be a good thing and, by definition, that never comes to an end. However, one thing is certain — this column is definitely coming to an end. Today, in fact.

This is the final entry of Weight, Don’t Tell Me. Last week saw two milestones — my 5-year anniversary, as well as entry 400 — so it seems like maybe this is an appropriate time to go. If nothing else, coming up with 400 topics surrounding the Weight Watchers program has been quite the challenge, and one I was happy to take on for all of you.

So, given that this is my final summation, I thought it appropriate to share with you those things I’ve learned during my journey as a Weight Watchers writer:

1) Track everything.
I can’t emphasize this enough. Weight Watchers absolutely works. But only if you follow it. Otherwise, it’s like you’re taking piano lessons without practicing and you can’t figure out why you’re not getting any better. Also, it helps if you have a piano.

But I lost 50 lbs. on Weight Watchers my first time around and I’m back to losing weight yet again — just because this column is going away doesn’t mean I’m giving up my membership. Jeez. I’ll follow the plan and track my SmartPoints® and my FitPoints® because it works. Bottom line.

B) Eat less and exercise.
I know, this seems like a no-brainer. In fact, it was a running gag in an old Bloom County cartoon in which Opus was considering which fad diet he wanted to go on. But it’s really that simple.

iii) Your stomach shrinks.
No, it’s true. The amount of food that might leave you feeling a little hungry today can easily fill you up a week later. The more religiously you follow Weight Watchers, the easier it gets. Soon, it might even become second nature to reach for an orange instead of a candy bar. Especially if there’s no candy bar nearby and your desk has a bowl of oranges.

d) Walking home from work is much less convenient when you no longer take the subway to the office in the morning.
I’ve lamented this, I know. I love living in L.A., but it just seems silly leaving my car in any place where I’m not. I’ve considered leaving it overnight and walking back the following morning, but I’m not sure how my coworkers would deal with “sweat-stain Adam.” And I surely don’t want that becoming my nickname. That’s tough to explain on dates. Or, rather, it’s easy to explain, but tough to recover from.

V) You people are awesome.
From day one, your appreciation, comments, and dedication to following both me and the plan have just blown me away. When Weight Watchers recently changed its format and ended the Community pages, I had more than 1,300 subscribers to my blog. That’s amazing. And that’s all you guys (well, it’s partly me. But mostly you). And for that I am honored and humbled.

So…um, that’s about it. Again, thank you for letting me entertain and (hopefully) educate you. I don’t currently have a personal blog, but for the time being, I’m keeping the Facebook page I set up for this column, so you can find me there. And also, if you’re in the Southern California area, check out my band, The Way Back Machine. We rock. Sorry, more energy: We rock!!

And on that note, I bid you a fond adieu.

Talk to you soon?

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