I'll Pass

By Kara Richardson Whitely

I like to walk downtown when I do errands. Not only does it get me out of finding a parking spot, but also it’s a great way to add activity into my day.

On a day not so long ago, I couldn’t help but love the bright sunshine overhead. On this particular day, I was out to drop off some mail and pick up some Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks, one of my favorite summer treats even though it doesn’t have a lick of SmartPoints®.

Everything was going so beautifully. I was feeling accomplished and had a beautiful, cold drink in my hand. That was until I approached a local donut store. A clerk was setting a sign out front announcing that they were giving away free donuts to celebrate National Donut Day.

My mind went straight to jubilation. Mmm…donut. A donut that was free sounded even more delicious. After all, it was National Donut Day.

My gait started to slow as I considered going in to help them celebrate. I took a breath before walking in that direction. Then, I asked myself, what will this free donut cost me?

There have been many times that I have made these kinds of days my own holidays. Free Cone Day. And of course, 7-11 day with free Slurpees.

I knew I could have the donut and make room for that choice later in the day. But did I really want it? This wasn’t a part of my plan. Sometimes I can be flexible, but I had no reason to bend my trajectory for them, for their holiday.

Was this store telling me that I wanted it? After all, National Donut Day was a made-up holiday. It was just as arbitrary as National Bacon Day, Aquarium Month, Accordion Awareness Month, and International Sushi Day. Every day has some kind of association. I don’t need to partake in any or all of them. With that realization, I decided to become agnostic when it comes to donuts.

So, I decided to pass. This decision allowed me to create my own celebration. One where I’m making my own choices and not being led by what other people would like me to eat.

I kept on walking and decided it was also National You Got this Day. 

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