I’ll Have What They’re Having…

By Shani Petroff

My family and some of my friends know I’m on Weight Watchers, but not everyone does. It’s definitely not something I mention on a first or second date, or when I have a meeting, or am invited to a dinner. I don’t want to make my size or my eating habits the focus of attention, so I don’t bring it up. The problem is, that can make it tricky to stay within my SmartPoints® budget, especially when there are several food-related events I’m going to in one week. When others are indulging, I want to indulge too! But I also want to stay within my SmartPoints Target, so I’ve been trying a few things:

Pick and choose. I know I’m going to have temptations every time I go out. And if someone else is having dessert, I’m going to want it too. But if I do that every time, my week is shot. So I have to pick. Is it something I really want? Will I be dreaming about it later (and then go eat a pint of ice cream)? If not, I try to pass. And if it’s a date and he suggests dessert (a trainer I used to go to had this advice for me), make sure he’s worth the extra calories. I actually think about that now when it comes to ordering a dessert or a second drink. I ask myself, at the end of the night if I’ll be bummed that I not only had a bad date but also ate way more than I wanted to, or if I’ll go home happy and wonder if every bite of cake I took was worth it (both because it was delicious and I got to spend more time with someone I liked). And sometimes when I don’t want to leave the date, but also really don’t want the dessert, I order tea. It’s 0 SmartPoints value, and shows I still want to stick around.

Sharing is caring. Sometimes my willpower is low, and if someone else is ordering something really decadent, I want it too. So I found sharing works. I see if they want to split something instead. Then I try to make sure that I don’t eat a full half — that I leave some. It’s easier for me when I’m sharing because I want to make sure the other person got all they wanted. The self-conscious part of me also wants to be certain they don’t think I took more than my fair share. I don’t like that I’m concerned about that, and I’m working on getting past it, but in the meantime, I’m using it to my advantage to avoid having extra dessert.

Eat ahead of time. I have a lunch meeting coming up. I picked the day and time, so when they suggested the place, I said okay. Then I looked at the menu. There’s really not much on there that is healthy. So before I head out, I’m going to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, so I won’t be as hungry when I get there. Then I’ll drink a lot of water during the meal and try to only have a portion of whatever I order. Filling up ahead of time will keep me from eating the whole thing and going way over my SmartPoints budget.

I’ll be right back. After lunch, before the idea of dessert is even brought up, I’m going to excuse myself and go to the restroom. Sometimes, I don’t realize how full my stomach is until I stand up and walk around. It’s a nice reminder that I really don’t need to eat anything else.

How do you handle going out with others while on the plan? Let me know! You can find me on Connect @shani! 

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