I’ll Drink To That

By Shani Petroff

I’m a snacker. When I’m watching TV, playing online, bored, working, and doing a plethora of different things, I find myself reaching for something to eat.

A good chunk of the time, I’m not even hungry.

It’s a habit.

It’s a go-to.

It keeps my hands and mouth busy, and fills me up.

But when I’m not reaching for foods that are 0 SmartPoints® value, I feel like I’m wasting my budget when I don’t even mean to. SmartPoints values that could be used when I really want them.

So I’ve been going back to an old standby: Drinking water.

For those times I’m not really hungry, but want to reach for something anyway, it is the perfect solution. In fact, I’ve been reminding myself to take sips even when the impulse doesn’t strike.

Not only does it fill me up, but also I actually feel better when I drink water.

So, now I’m keeping it near me at all times!

I have a refillable bottle that I carry around with me. It goes to work with me, it keeps me company as I play on the computer, and it even sits by me when I go to bed.

When I eat out, I make sure to drink a cup of water first, to quench my thirst and to curb my hunger so I don’t waste my SmartPoints values on bread that I sometimes wind up eating just because it’s there.

I sip cups of water through my meals as a reminder to slow down and listen to my body. Am I hungry? Full? Just thirsty?

My apartment has been incredibly dry. I’d been waking up feeling off, but with a little humidifier and drinking more water, it’s made me feel more on top of my game.

It’s a healthy habit that can also aid in my weight-loss efforts.

And that I can definitely drink to!

What are ways you get in extra water? You can find me on Connect @shani!

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