I Am That Person

Portraying a healthy person

By Kara Richardson Whitely

As I headed out of yoga class on Sunday morning, I made a decision to turn left instead of right to go home. Here in my town, the farmers market is the place to be each weekend.

So I headed there with my son, with a fresh layer of sweat, yoga pants, and my mat strapped around my son’s stroller. We grabbed a reusable bag from a woman running for city council and got to shopping. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, with live music and vendors from around the region selling (mostly) healthy stuff. I was so glad that I came.

It was then that I realized that I kind of looked like all those people who I admired over the years. The ones who looked like they had this healthy living thing in the bag. Maybe my body shape wasn’t the same but I was surely a yoga-class-attending, fruit-and-veggies-shopping momma. With decades of questionable choices — ignoring my health needs — it felt great, almost amazing to be in that place.

It’s easy to see why this was such a moment of revelation. I was the “yes” person when it came time to order appetizers or desserts, in addition to my meal. Each one would have had the SmartPoints® value of an entire meal.

So much of how we behave is based on our belief system — about what we believe about ourselves. It’s kind of like what Oprah said in Connecting with Oprah about how words or thoughts can tear you down or build you up.

So for now on, I’m going to keep that positive belief that I am that kind of yogi and farmers market person and allow my actions to follow. Because it feels good. Because it is where I want to be.

I should already know this. Before I climbed Kilimanjaro I had to believe that I was able to do it. Every time I put my head down to sleep, I had to envision myself on the top of Africa’s highest peak.

I had to believe that I would make it.

And so goes my journey with health. I need to believe that I will make it. I need to believe that I’m going to achieve my goals. That I’m going to hike some of the world’s most beautiful places. That I’m going to live long and prosper with my family.

And so now I need to start believing that I can adapt some other habits that I thought only fit people do. Health is my reality now.

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