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How Personal Coaching Works

Get a one-on-one action plan from someone who's been in your shoes.
Published March 22, 2017

Personal Coaching

Does your plan need an extra boost? Get a one-on-one action plan with a real person who’s been in your shoes and lost the weight. Coaches help you get comfortable with the program, give you tangible goals, and keep you accountable, while providing a big boost of encouragement along the way.

Personal Coach display

Unlimited calls and messaging with a Coach may be the key to your success — it really works! Go to the Coaching tab at the top of the site and start searching for someone by date and time. You’ll get a list of top matches, along with their photos, star rating, reviews, and how much weight they’ve lost. We’re sure you’ll find someone you connect with. You can also change Coaches at any time.