7 Secrets to Surviving Holiday Stress

Check out these tips from our expert panel of Leaders to keep you feeling merry and bright this holiday season.

Food is everywhere during the holidays, just like the warm, fuzzy family feelings with which we’re likely to link it. But if the feast-and-be-merry mandate feels overwhelming, don’t hit the panic button! These tips from Weight Watchers Leaders should help see you through the stress and anxiety of the holiday season.


Love your look


“I make evenings out during the holidays about what I’m wearing. Seeing family and friends and feeling great in an outfit I picked out for the holidays is my focus—not the food.” –Karen Wagner


Practice self-care


“When it comes to stress, I really believe that people need to take a time-out for themselves during the holidays. You need to be able to have quiet time to just reconnect with yourself. Because if you don’t plug yourself in, you’re not going to be charged up, and that helps you make better choices.”—Amy Arellano

Conquer cocktails


“I like to have a cocktail or two at holiday parties, but I choose options that are more Plan-friendly. Vodka cranberry is one of my go-tos—I use a lot of seltzer water with a splash of cranberry. I also make sure to drink water in between each drink. I always go in with a plan and set an intention.” —Brandie Raway

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Remember what’s important


“I don’t look back at what I ate during the holidays. I don’t even remember all of the dishes. But what I do remember is playing games with my nieces and nephews and cracking up the whole time! That’s what the holidays are really all about—making memories with family.” —Maria Bugler


Take it one bite at a time


“When I get stressed, I like to go outside and take a breath and refocus. I remind myself to concentrate on one meal, one thing at a time. Even if I have a day or two (and I’ve had them!) where I’ve eaten and drank everything in sight, it doesn’t ruin everything I’ve done up until this point.” —MaryAnn Alessandrini

Enjoy yourself


“To me the overarching theme needs to be still enjoy. Don’t ever think of this as, ‘Oh my gosh, I need to be deprived.’ Instead, ‘How can I balance the joy of the event with feeling like I’m the one in control?’” —Susan Palumbo

Make movement fun


“I do a turkey trot with all my members every Thanksgiving morning.  One year we had over 300 members there! They understand the value of doing that activity first thing in the morning. But more than that: it’s taking the time for themselves.” —Patty Anglin

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