Holiday Blues

By Shani Petroff

I love the holidays and all the celebrations, and a good portion of the time they leave me in a good mood. But I have moments filled with the holiday blues, too, and often they revolve around my weight. I’m doing my best to stick to the Weight Watchers plan over the holidays (and have come up with ways not to waste my SmartPoints® Target at various celebrations), but the scale isn’t moving the way I’d like. I haven’t seen a gain, but I haven’t seen a drop either. So now I’m working to not only lose the weight, but that “bah humbug” feeling too. Here are ways I’m trying to boost my mood:

Celebrate the Other Successes
Instead of being mopey that I didn’t lose weight, I need to acknowledge and give myself a pat on the back for not gaining. For me, this time of year, that’s a win. I faced a lot of temptations this week — pizzas brought into the office, a buffet dinner at a function I didn’t know there would be food at, a delicious-looking cupcake display — and I survived them all. Those non-scale victories (NSV) deserve some love too.

Get Decked Out
I sometimes get self-conscious about my weight (I’m working on overcoming that), and it makes me want to skip out on festivities and stay home and sulk. But I know that’s not the answer. Confidence is key. So to help up it for a special event, I give myself extra time to get ready, and I go glam — dramatic eye makeup (sometimes even fake lashes), the perfect hairdo, and an outfit that I feel good in (for me that’s often a dress that cinches at the waist and is loose around the hips). I play some upbeat, you-can-do-it music (Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is a good one) while I get ready, and try to psych myself up for a great time.

’Tis the Season to Be Jolly
Getting stuck in traffic, a long shopping line, or, as is often the case in New York City, behind a huge group of people who are taking up the whole sidewalk and moving at a snail’s pace, can put me in a foul mood. And when I get like that, I often want to snack — and not on vegetables. I want sweets—a lot of them, and preferably gooey, chocolate ones. But I have to remember my mood is my decision. I can view the wait as an annoyance and a waste of time or I can choose to make the best of it. I can take in the sights, think back on the day or some favorite holiday memories, or even make use of the time. During Black Friday, I was in line for over an hour. People around me were grumbling, but not me. I pulled out my phone, plugged in my headphones, opened up my Netflix app, and watched an episode and a half of Gilmore Girls. The time flew, and I didn’t need any stress chocolate.

The better I feel about myself, the better my choices become — so, no matter what the scale says, I’m going to treat myself kindly. I hope you do too!

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