Herbs Relieve Winter Doldrums

By Debbie Koenig

The weather may be teasing us into expecting an early spring, but the farmers market still offers nothing that feels remotely light and fresh. Good thing smart farmers grow herbs in their greenhouses! A handful of almost any type, even boring old parsley, can transform the dullest ingredients into an appealing dish. These recipes from the Weight Watchers database all use herbs to great effect, while demanding little effort:

Garden Fresh Herb Sauce is absolutely bursting with bright flavors, and adds only 1 SmartPoints® value per serving.

It’s definitely not spring, but the ingredients for this dill-scented Spring Vegetable Soup with Orzo (2 SmartPoints value per serving) are already available.

This time of year, salad vegetables get pretty wan. Toss in some fresh basil and mint, and things perk right up—as in this Fresh Veggie and Herb Salad, which has pumpkin seeds and cheese to make it filling enough for a 6-SmartPoints-value lunch.

A few weeks ago I told you about my “Master the Omelette” story for Weight Watchers Magazine. This recipe for a Basic Omelette with Fresh Herbs gets dinner on the table in minutes, for only 4 SmartPoints value.

For another easy dinner that takes just a bit longer, try Herbed Turkey Breast with Wine Sauce (4 SmartPoints value per serving). It uses four different herbs to make a lively main course.

The recipe for Roasted Herb Potato Wedges (3 SmartPoints value per serving) calls for three kinds of herbs and a bit of Dijon mustard to add zing to an easy, everyday side.

Even when juicy, ripe tomatoes are months away, you can always get their cherry brethren. Top them with a crunchy herb-breadcrumb mixture and roast, and they’ll make you think it’s August. For just 1 SmartPoints value per serving, no less.

Everybody loves a 0-SmartPoints-value side, right? Especially when it’s so flavorful, you’ll feel positively decadent eating it. Case in point: Herb-Roasted Peppers with Garlic

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