The Happy Trails Finale

By Kara Richardson Whitely, author of Gorge and the upcoming memoir Weight of Being

And so, my friends, like all trails, this one has come to an end.

This is my final Happy Trails post. I’ve been so grateful to have you along for the journey. This has been a wonderful place to chronicle my journey of health — from the pitfalls to the progress. I’m happy to report, I’m leaving feeling stronger that I’ve been my whole life. In many ways, it has been because of this series, and opportunity to share with you.

Happy Trails is where:

  • I’ve found fitness amid frustration (the time my car wouldn’t start and I had to hightail it to get my kids to school in a stroller).
  • I learned that less is more (especially in my overstuffed closet where I donated all my too-big clothes and items that didn’t make me feel amazing).
  • I discovered how to set boundaries (how saying no is yes to myself).
  • I took sleep and self-care seriously.
  • I demanded my value and my worth for the first time. (These past two I’ve had to learn again and again. But I think now I’ve got it.)

This isn’t about weight loss, while there has been a lot of that. For me, this is about a new way of living. It’s about forging a new path forward for me and my family. The healthier I am, the healthier we are.

I hope you, dear reader, have found some inspiration along with me and as you go, that you continue to make each twist and turn in the trail to wellness as a chance to learn and appreciate something new about yourself. And that you deem yourself worthy to give your health your all.

Each meal, each moment is a new opportunity.

So make this an adventure. Discover new foods. Meet new people who bring you joy and inspiration. Move in ways that make you feel joyful. Find new places and things that help you — in the same way a hiking stick has helped me navigate some of the more daunting paths in my life.

And so, what will become of me? Well, I’ll always have the lessons of Weight Watchers as tools in my backpack. This is a part of my fabric even if I’m not writing on this particular blog.

But speaking of writing, I’m revving up for the release of my next book, Weight of Being, my memoir coming out in July 2018. I will make sure to pack my tea and plan for adventures along the way and a few bath bombs instead of minibar snacks.

But I will continue to take my own advice and remember this new beginning, as all days, as an opportunity to head in the right direction.

Happy trails, dear readers. Happy trails.