The Grocery Store Battleground

Weight-loss journeys are won and lost before you ever hit the checkout line!

By Kenneth Selke

Over the four years I’ve been on my weight-loss journey, I’ve realized that one of the most important situations that we’re all faced with occurs on a weekly basis: grocery shopping. It’s my firm belief that a trip to the grocery store can set you up for success or lead to an unfortunate setback. It truly is an experience in which you decide what’s most important to you. There’s an incredible amount of healthy choices that’ll fill your home, pantry, and refrigerator with plan-friendly options. However, it’s also loaded with temptations. From chips to fresh baked cookies to ice cream, you name it! It’s incredibly difficult to pass up those guilty pleasures, but when you make the right choices, the walk to the car always feels like a victory.

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At the beginning, it was difficult for me to avoid all those enticing foods. I listened in at my meetings, and many tips from other members helped me out. I wanted to share some of those tips here in this post!

  • Stick to the outer lanes of the grocery store, that’s where you’ll find most produce, dairy, wholesome grains, and the necessities you’ll need on a weekly basis.
  • Use your scanner! Scan items, and find out the SmartPoints® values, and if you really want to be efficient, bring a Sharpie with you, and when you find an item you are going to buy, write the SmartPoints value right on the packaging (you’re going to buy it anyway, trust me they won’t mind!). It will also save you time later, from having to re-scan when you’re ready to eat it!
  • Avoid the aisles that contain your biggest tough-to-resist items. The good news is, most of the chips, crackers, cookies, and other junk foods are all located right next to each other, so do yourself a favor and just completely avoid going down that aisle.
  • Make a list beforehand and then stick to it! Eliminating all but exactly what you know you’ll need helps give you an even greater opportunity to avoid any missteps.
  • Lastly, bring a friend! Having someone walking and socializing with you while you shop not only makes the experience more enjoyable, but also can keep you accountable to make sure that you don’t sneak something into the basket you know you shouldn’'t.

I know that it’s common sense, but there’s a straightforward yet deep statement: “If you don’t buy it in the grocery store, you won’t have it in your home to eat.” This statement works in two ways. In one way, it’s referring to junk food. If you don’t bring junk food into your house, you won’t have it facing you each day. However, if you flip the script on the quote, it also means that if you don’t stock up on healthy options, when hunger strikes, you won’t have any smart choices to turn to. So, in short, stock up on the healthy and delicious fruits and veggies that come with this season, along with healthy snacks to have on hand when hunger strikes, and leave the junk food where it belongs — on the shelf in the grocery store!

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