A Great Start

By Shani Petroff

There are many mornings I wake up, rush out of the house, and don’t eat anything. Before I know it, I’m snacking and eating whatever is closest—even if it means taking a big bite out of my SmartPoints® budget. However, I’ve found when I have breakfast (even a small one), I do much better with my eating throughout the day. Here a few easy breakfast ideas that help get me going in the morning (and depending on the serving size, brands, etc.—don’t even take too many SmartPoints values):

Eggs. If I have the time, these are definitely a favorite. They have protein, taste good, you can make them a variety of different ways, and they’re filling. Sometimes, I plan ahead and make little egg muffins for the week, so I can grab them and go—and not have to deal with a pan to wash every single morning.  

Yogurt and/or fruit. When I’m in a super rush—or need to grab something to eat when I’m out—these are staples of mine. A yogurt container and some fruit are really easy to carry around. These choices allow me to eat something healthy while in transit, and keep me away from the vending machines.

Avocado toast. I love avocado. A fourth of it has 3 SmartPoints value. But on a low SmartPoints value piece of bread—I find it’s worth it. It’s satisfying, tastes good, and helps me stay away from noshing the rest of the morning. On a big breakfast day, I have this along with some scrambled eggs and some fruit, and it really gives me an energy boost.

Oats. This one is growing on me. I’ve never been an oats or oatmeal girl, but I find when I have a bowl in the morning, it really fills me up. So I’m experimenting with add-ins—fruits, cinnamon, etc.—to find a combo that works for me!

Lox & Cream Cheese. Some days I just crave a bagel, lox, cream cheese, and tomato. But I’ve come to realize it’s not really the bagel that I want—it’s all the fixings. So I sub either a bagel thin or a low SmartPoints value piece of bread for the actual bagel, and then add everything on top of it. (I also use Philadelphia high-protein cream cheese, which I am a fan of—it tastes like the regular one to me.) Sometimes this just hits the spot!

High-Protein Pancakes. I was introduced to high-protein pancakes through Connect. (There’s a brand called Kodiak Cakes that has several high-protein flavors.) I actually really like them. However, I usually have these with something else, like eggs or fruit, because ½ cup of batter is 6 SmartPoints value, and if I’m not careful I make (and eat) way too many pancakes. But this is a nice treat when I’m looking for a comfort food–type of breakfast.

What are you your favorite breakfasts? You can find me on Connect @shani!
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