The Great Father’s Day Food Trip

By Debbie Koenig

For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, my husband and I each get to decide what we’ll be doing as a family. Back in May I opted to do very little, just laze up at the house, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now that it’s the husband’s turn, he’s chosen something a little more intense, a throwback to the kind of thing we’d do pretty regularly years ago: We’re going on a food-focused road trip up to Connecticut. When I think about it, the potential for overindulgence is pretty extreme. None of the places we’ll visit are known for restraint. But I have a plan!

The fun kicks off the night before with a visit to Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side, a little piece of old New York that we try to hit once or twice a year. There, we usually split a pastrami on rye—they’re big enough that even sharing one sandwich, we still have leftovers. (3 ounces of pastrami + 1 slice of rye bread = 5 SmartPoints® value.) My real treat comes in the form of pickled green tomatoes (0 SmartPoints value, woo-hoo!) and a kasha knish (4 SmartPoints value). For 9 SmartPoints total, I’m going to have a pretty amazing dinner.

The next day, road-trip day, I’ll eat a zero Points® value breakfast of eggs and vegetables, and pack plenty of fresh fruit for the car. Our first stop will be Rawley’s in Fairfield. My husband is a hot dog aficionado, and this is one of his all-time favorite places. I like hot dogs but I can definitely live without them, so I’ll save myself a few SmartPoints here by ordering a grilled chicken sandwich (8 SmartPoints value) and having just a handful of their amazing hand-cut fries (3 SmartPoints value). That brings my day to 11 SmartPoints .

In the afternoon we’ll either see a movie or go bowling, then drive the rest of the way up to New Haven for some of that famous pizza. Our favorite joint is Frank Pepe's, where we traditionally get a large house salad and a pie with bacon on it (seriously, it’s amazing). A big serving of salad (5 SmartPoints value) + 2 slices of pizza (12 SmartPoints value) = 17.

Add that 17 to the 11 SmartPoints I ate earlier, and I’m at 28 for the day. My daily budget is 23, so I’ll use some weekly points to make up the difference. All this, while eating some of everything I want. Man, I love this plan—mine and WW.

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