On-the-Go Eats

By Shani Petroff

Sometimes I have to eat on the go, or at my desk, or in a limited time frame. Ideally, I’ll have brought my own food with me, but this doesn’t always happen. So, when I’m in a rush but want to pick up something to eat that’s within my SmartPoints® Budget, I have some go-to foods:

  1. Chicken or turkey wraps. Depending on what you put inside, this can be a very filling and low SmartPoints value food. The place I go to uses turkey slices (3 oz = 1 SmartPoints value), they load it with veggies (0 SmartPoints value), put a tiny bit of honey mustard on it (1 Tbsp = 2 SmartPoints value), and put it in a flour tortilla (5 SmartPoints value). It winds up being 8 SmartPoints value. When I make it at home, I use a much lower SmartPoints-value tortilla, but this is a great option when I’m in a rush and just want to pick something up. It’s massive. A half is usually all I can eat, and it’s always filling.

  2. Yogurt. When I’m in a rush, my mind goes to grabbing a candy bar or ice cream—but that doesn’t satisfy my hunger. In fact, it just makes me want more sweets. The yogurt tides me over and keeps me from eating things I don’t mean to eat.

  3. Sushi. There are a plethora of sushi restaurants around the city. Most not only deliver, but have lunch specials. I can get two rolls for a really reasonable price, and it won’t break my WW budget: A yellowtail roll is 2 SmartPoints value and an Alaska roll is 4 SmartPoints value. Often it even comes with a salad or miso soup (the soup is 1 SmartPoints value for a cup).

  4. Salads. For awhile, everywhere I went in the city, I saw a new frozen yogurt place. Then it was cupcakes. Right now, I’m seeing a lot of salad places, and I love it! It makes it easy to run in and get something healthy. Often I’ll top it with salmon and have a really filling meal. I am conscious of what I’m putting in the salad, otherwise, I accidentally use more SmartPoints than I anticipated. (Even though salmon is 0 SmartPoints, I have to account for the fact that the cook used oil to prepare it.)

  5. Omelets. Near me, every few streets, there’s a place you can get scrambled eggs or an omelet. I sometimes feel guilty buying this, because it’s something I can make so easily myself—but when I’m in a rush, it can be nice to have someone else make it! I always have to remind myself, (unless it’s part of my planned day and I’ve accounted for it) that just because they come with it—I don’t need a giant portion of hash browns.

What do you eat on the go? You can find me on Connect @shani!

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