Feeling Free

By Shani Petroff

When I got the news Weight Watchers was changing its program, my first feeling was fear. What did this mean? What would it entail? Would I be able to do it?

Then I got the details about the WW Freestyle™ program, and I was so excited. Rollovers and so many new zero Points® foods?! Salmon, beans, corn, peas, etc., etc., etc, I couldn’t wait to get started!

I was lucky to have early access to the program (although I was doing it all by hand. I had an old phone and didn’t have enough storage for the test app, so I tracked with pen and paper). Even so, it still gave me a taste of what was to come.

I was on a chat with others testing it out. They were raving about the program. They loved it, they were feeling full, satisfied, losing weight, and really happy.

Me? After the initial euphoria about all the cool changes, I struggled.

I didn’t realize how much bread, processed food, sweets, and so forth that I ate. Sure, I always tracked, but I looked more at the number I was trying to hit (for me it was 30 dailies and 35 weeklies) rather than what was going into my body. If I hit the right amount I was happy. (In the past, I didn’t always hit the mark. I went over on too many occasions. Often my trigger foods would send me spiraling.) Now, I had fewer dailies.

And I missed them.

At first.

Then it really got me thinking about what I was eating.

Two cups of spaghetti was 11 SmartPoints values. Six ounces of salmon was 8 SmartPoints values. My head told me the salmon was better for me, but since the Points were similar, I’d go with the spaghetti. Same with waffles versus eggs. Yogurt versus frozen yogurt, and the list goes on.

Realization finally hit home.

This new plan not only was going to help me lose weight, it was going to help me be so much healthier.

I’d be feeding my body food that it needed and still have those dailies for my indulgences – whether it be that extra pasta, salad dressing or ice cream.

And now the program has me really excited again.

I’m sure I’ll still hit some snags along the way, but that would be the case with any program—new or old. One doesn’t get over their food issues overnight (and I still have problems with portion control and my sweet tooth), but I’m feeling incredibly optimistic. More than I have in ages.

I like this plan. I like what it has to offer. I like that I have so many options. I like that if I use up my 23 dailies, I can still have wonderful foods that will fill me up:  a veggie omelet, yogurt with some fresh fruit mixed in, a piece of chicken.

I’m still learning what works for me and what doesn’t, but one thing is for sure, I’m ready to take this new program and 2018 by storm!

What are your thoughts on the WW Freestyle program? You can find me on connect @shani!
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