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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Get Inspired!

You’re fitness-minded but not motivated? Ask for these exercise-related presents this Dad’s Day.
Published June 6, 2018

Unless you’re a pro athlete or an exercise instructor—like, it’s literally your job—finding the time and energy to exercise can be tough! Keep the drive alive with these Father’s Day gift ideas that will inspire you to get moving

If you’re motivated by…

…a little alone time with your tunes.

As a dad, you can’t really choose the music you hear at home. There’s always a demanding little person who insists on hearing Laurie Berkner, The Wiggles, or the soundtrack to High School Musical for the 14th time.

Enjoy your treadmill time and ask for Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones ($300, These over-the-ear headphones have old-school comfort with best-in-class sound, and the Fast Fuel charging gives you three hours of your music after just five minutes of juicing up.

…looking sexy for your spouse in your skivvies.

Women’s lingerie shops abound, but rarely is a second thought given to men’s underpants, except for maybe the boxers vs. briefs debate. But the holey shorts you bought for your first job aren’t going to impress anyone.

To update your underthings, ask for Basic Outfitters Create-A-Drawer ($60,, which allows you to curate a collection of top-quality clothes, including five pairs of socks, three pairs of boxer briefs, three tank tops or tees, and a pair of sweats or lounge pants. These as-seen-on-Shark-Tank styles will be a big step up for anyone’s under-game.

…feeling the burn.

If you subscribe to the no pain, no gain theory of exercise, you know that the pain is always worst two days after the workout.

Want to head it off at the pass? Ask for Muscle Rehab Bath Bombs ($19,, which fizz up your tub with Epsom salt, arnica, eucalyptus, clary sage, and vetiver, for a bath that smells amazing as it soothes your aching muscle.

…an abundance of nervous energy.

You know who you are: You’re a fidgeter, a leg bouncer, a floor pacer. You have, as they say in Yiddish, shpilkis. You exercise because if you don’t, you’ll jump out of your skin.

Ask for the Spire Stone ($129,, a wearable device that tracks not only your steps and calories burned, but also your breathing patterns, so it lets you know when you might need to just stop and take a breath.

…showing off your cool gear on the court.

It was Deion Sanders who first said, “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good,” and there’s nowhere that’s more true than on the basketball court. Pro basketball players are known for having the coolest uniforms, and snagging a piece of it makes you the envy of all.

Ask for the Nike Swingman Jersey, Icon Edition ( $110, featuring your favorite player (my husband is from Cleveland, so…), and at your pickup game’s tip-off, you’ll be equipped with swag and style.

…making the most out of your work day.

Studies show that “sitting is the new smoking,” but it’s hard to get work done when you’re not at your desk. A balance ball engages your core, aligns your spine, and lets you bounce when you’re bored, but can be a little unwieldy at work.

Ask for the Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair ($100,, which features a 52 cm balance ball perched on a frame with lockable wheels, so you get the benefits of the ball without the risk of toppling over onto the industrial carpeting.

…a drill sergeant barking orders in your ear.

Some people aren’t exactly self-motivated and recognize the need for a boot in the butt to get them moving. Sound like you?

Then ask for a Personal Training package at Equinox (starting at $110/session, or your local gym; sessions are a little pricey, but worth every muscle-building, fat-burning, dad-bod-annihilating dollar.

…rooting for your home team.

Watching your team beat the stuffing out of the opposition gets the adrenaline pumping, which is why the gym is never more crowded than during playoff season of any sport.

Pair pride in your team with the pride you feel with being a dad and ask for a Daddio T-shirt ($20, in your team’s colors. And the loved one who buys the shirt will get to share in that pride: a portion of the proceeds is donated to help fatherless and foster children.

…making every little bit count.

If you’re a stay-at-home dad, chances that you’ll get in an hour-long workout during the day are zilch. But the latest studies show that you don’t need to sustain a long workout to get the benefits—mini workouts of moderate to rigorous activity add up.

Ask for the GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell ($45,, which lends itself to quick bursts of exercise and comes with a training DVD so you can learn the basics. And sure, we get that you’re already carrying around a 15 pound (or 25, 35, 45+) weight all day long, but a kettle bell won’t demand that you pick him up again! Again, Daddy!

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…liquid rewards.

Listen, no one says your motivation has to be pure. Sometimes what you really want is a chilled martini waiting for you at the workout finish line.

But because most gyms don’t serve booze (but if there were ever a successful business blueprint…), ask for the Dad Fuel Travel Tumbler ($13, It keeps cold beverages cold for four hours (hot ones stay hot for two). And sure, we suppose you can use it for water or a sports drink, but we don’t judge.

…making memories with your family.

We don’t want to get all mushy on you, but isn’t that what it’s all about? Staying fit and healthy so you can spend more time with the ones you love? The greatest gift you can give each other is time together.

Block off Saturday, July 28, to Saturday, August 4, on your calendar and ask for Family Week at Rancho La Puerta (starting at $950 for kids, $1,450 for teens, and $3,650 for adults, You’ll spend the week hiking, training, yoga-ing, spa-ing, hammocking, and teaching your family the joy and value of a healthy, active life.