Family, Friends, Food, and Fun

I cherish every moment spent with those closest to my heart, but potential pitfalls are around every corner!

By Kenneth Selke

What a summer! With the combination of long days, spontaneous trips, and frequent family visitors, this summer is turning out to be a very enjoyable one! The weather here on the central coast of California has been beautiful, which always helps me gather the motivation to get up, get out, and rack up an extreme amount of FitPoints®! The past few weeks have been busy, but I’ve managed to stay on track more days than not, and it’s paying off for my weight-loss journey. No matter what happens to be going on at any point in time, I’m finding ways to enjoy life while focusing on losing weight, and becoming a happier, healthier Big Guy!

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During the past few summers, Erin and I have found ourselves frequently playing host to family and friends during their summer vacations. I suppose that comes with the territory when you live at the beach! Our home is roughly 10 minutes away from a very popular beach, where many tourists flock to during the summer months. When I was a child, our family would go there every year to vacation, and now I live here — how amazing is that?! I remember the feeling of how special it felt to go there on vacation, but now that we live here, sometimes I find myself a bit jaded when it comes to “going to the beach.” That all changes when we have visitors; their joy and excitement to head down to the sand is contagious, and always helps remind me just how lucky I am to call this place my home.

For almost two decades now, Erin’s family has held an annual family reunion camping trip on this stretch of beach. This year, however, the family trip got split up due to personal schedules and work, so her immediate family is here this week, and her extended family is heading over next week. This is most definitely going to result in us spending a lot of time around the campfire, but we have the unique luxury of being able to return home at night to shower and sleep in our own bed! Now that’s my kind of camping!

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The only downside to all of this is the fact that having family in town vacationing usually leads to us eating “vacation food” alongside them. That kind of food is always tempting and usually not the healthiest. The strategy I’ve been using to remain successful during these visits is to make use of the fact that my home is so close by. Before heading to the campgrounds to visit, I stop home first and make sure to eat a quick, hearty meal. I can still choose to partake in some of the campfire staples like hotdogs and s’mores, but I maintain control over most of my daily eating.

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So far, the strategy is working for me, and I’m not offending any family members when I turn down offers to join in on dinner because I can use the “thanks but I’ve already eaten” excuse. Admittedly, my weight loss over the past couple of weeks has been pretty small, but a loss is a loss! It’s also a huge victory for me when I overcome temptation when there is ample opportunity to fail. I always savor those weigh-in moments, when I know that my choices throughout the week resulted in a positive experience at the scale.

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