Excuses, Excuses

By Shani Petroff

I am the queen of excuses. I can find a million reasons for why I should go over my SmartPoints® budget, skip the gym, or retreat rather than put myself out there. So I’ve listed some of my top excuses and how I plan to handle them the next time they arise.

I Don’t Have Any Time. It is so easy to blame my schedule for why I can’t cook a nice meal or work out, and yes, sometimes I am really busy. But often on those busy days I still have time to play on Facebook, check Instagram, watch a couple of YouTube videos, and turn on the TV. I definitely spend way more than 15 minutes doing those things. If I have time for that, then I have time to cook a piece of salmon (about 10 minutes) or do some sit-ups or walk up and down the stairs in my building. It comes down to priorities, and my health needs to come before my media intake.

I’m Too Tired. When I’m sleepy, I just want to take the easy way out. But you know what? Eating fattening “comfort” food just makes me sleepier, and so does vegging on the couch, but going for a brisk walk (especially in the cold temperatures like we’re having now) or having a fruit smoothie helps get me moving. So while I may not want to get up and go, it’s exactly what I need to do!

The Scale Isn’t Budging; I May As Well Eat Ice Cream. Sometimes when I don’t see a loss, I get discouraged. I need to remind myself that not every victory is about the scale. There are plenty of NSV (non-scale victories) — i.e. I stuck to my goal, used willpower,  had more energy. I also remind myself that my body could be changing despite the lack of movement on the scale. So, I pull out the measuring tape, try on one of my goal dresses, and check out the results there.

I’ll Do It When I’m Thinner. I really try not to do this one, but sometimes my self-consciousness gets the better of me, and I decide to skip an event or don’t try something new because of my weight. When this happens, I remind myself that confidence is key. So I try to pump myself up (play some music, do my hair and makeup, put on a top I really like), and then I take a deep breath and force myself to be brave. We only get one life. There will always be excuses not to do something, and I don’t want to let insecurities hold me back. So while it can be hard, I am pushing myself to take risks. It’s like a muscle, each time I get a little stronger and a little more confident. And hopefully I’ll get rid of all my excuses for good!

What are your main excuses and how do you handle them? Let me know! You can find me on Connect @shani! 

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