Even The Big Guys Can Benefit from “Connecting with Oprah”

Every week, Oprah releases extremely insightful and motivational videos on WeightWatchers.com, and every post, video, and update resonates with me — a big guy!

By Kenneth Selke

Though my results over the past few years show it, I’ve always known Weight Watchers to be a program that leads to life-changing results in terms of weight loss. This is my third time returning to the program, and I can attest that the plan is now better than ever before. Even with my firm belief that Weight Watchers is the best weight-loss plan out there, my confidence in the program has been topped with Oprah Winfrey’s new role within the company, and helping the program transcend even more into every facet of our lives. It’s not just about food or activity any more, the program truly is Beyond the Scale, and listening in to Oprah’s insights on “Connecting with Oprah” has become a weekly event that I look forward to! Every Thursday night at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. PST, new videos are uploaded to the channel, and every week of the month has its own theme. This is a relatively new channel, so if you haven’t seen it yet, now is a great time to check it out and get caught up! I promise you, that if you’re anything like me, feeding off all that this program can teach us, you will LOVE Connecting with Oprah.

In early April, there was a post on Connecting with Oprah that really resonated with me. It was titled “Failure is Your Teacher,” in which Oprah explains to us that to achieve success, you have to learn how to rebound from setbacks. Plateaus, gains, and stalls in weight loss are going to happen — it’s biology! It’s easy to allow these situations, which ARE GOING TO HAPPEN, (and HAVE happened to me many times) to derail us, but this is part of the journey. This is real life, there will be days in which bad choices will be made; it’s going to happen! However, getting back on track makes us come back stronger and more driven to succeed. Those weeks where I find myself facing the scale with dread and experience a gain, I become super-motivated to hit it hard the next week, and get back on track.

What we perceive to be failure can be our greatest teacher. The stumbles and slips we experience are there to remind us that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Those situations in which we feel that we failed ourselves, it’s extremely easy to get upset or feel ashamed, but Oprah sums up how we should really feel when we’re in that position. In the video Oprah states, “Treat yourself with the kindness and compassion that you have so willingly given to other people.” There is no tougher critic in each of our lives than our own mind, our own consciousness, but think about it: If friends of yours who are on the Weight Watchers plan ended up with a gain, you’d be there for them, encouraging them to continue and to let those feelings go; this is a new week. So why then, when WE are the ones who gain, do we think such negative thoughts about how pathetic we are, or fill up our minds with all that negative thinking about ourselves. If we can learn to treat our own journeys like we would those of our closest friends, we would certainly feel a whole lot better about ourselves!

Since listening to that video in early April, I have made a concerted effort to think more positively, even in moments of disappointment. A gain on the scale immediately turned into a thought in my head that I should really plan some fun activity for the weekend to try to get back on track. I didn’t mope, or feel upset with myself; I knew that I could rebound, and I immediately began thinking about all of the pleasant things I could possibly enjoy over the weekend. Erin and I ended up taking our dog Cooper to the beach to let him run around in the sand and for us to walk up and down this gorgeous location just a few minutes from our home. We walked more than 3 miles in the sand, and had a blast together on such a beautiful day. I certainly know Cooper had an amazing time splashing through the water and chasing seagulls every chance he could. Thanks to Connecting with Oprah, I was able to take an otherwise disappointing gain situation and turn it into an opportunity to learn and create a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone in my little family, Cooper included!

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