Election Results

By Shani Petroff

The election results were more than a little polarizing. Some are happy with the way things turned out — others are angry, hurt, and even scared. For many, regardless of their stance, the aftermath has been stressful — and shows no sign of letting up. For me personally, I’ve gotten into extremely heated debates with friends I never thought I’d be on the opposite side of — and I’m upset and drained. I’m sure they are feeling the same way. It makes me want to eat away my concerns and frustrations, but I won’t. Instead I’m trying this:

Step Away From the Internet
I’m taking breaks from the Internet to cool off and staying busy with cooking, writing, and reading.

Get Some Air
Instead of feeding my frustration with foods high in SmartPoints®, I’m taking deep breaths. I’m meditating. I’m going for a relaxing stroll outside to clear my head.

Do Something Productive
I’m putting my money where my mouth is by donating to causes I care about. Years ago, I helped put together meals for people in need — it kept me busy, away from snacking, let me do something good for others, and kept my mind on the task at hand. It was calming, made me feel good, and gave back to the community. I volunteer in different ways now, but I am going to make a point of putting myself out there more. (Feeding my soul instead of my stomach, so to speak.)

Work It Out
Upset with a friend, politician, article, or event? What better time to go to the gym or exercise! Get rid of pent-up energy and anger by kicking and punching in a kickboxing class, running away from your problems on the treadmill, and by pushing yourself to the limit in your workout routine. Not only do you leave with a clearer head, but also you earn some FitPoints® value too.

Do Something Fun or For Yourself
I grabbed a huge fruit salad, a bunch of veggies (so that I’d have snacks right next to me), and put on a fun rom-com movie. I needed a couple of hours of not-worry-about-anything. I also went out for coffee with a friend, where we tried to the best of our ability to not talk politics, and to just have a nice outing.

It’s easy for me to turn to food when stressed, but that’s not the only way to handle things — and I’m going to continue to work to make those better choices!

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