Dress For Success

 By Shani Petroff

When I hit goal, I’ll buy some new clothes. If I lose 20 pounds, I’ll go get that haircut. I’ll dress up when I feel better about myself.

While it’s nice to give ourselves some nice nonfood-related items when we want to reward ourselves, that doesn’t mean we have to deprive ourselves now.

Getting healthy and losing weight is wonderful. It gives us more energy, makes us feel better, and often even gives us more confidence.

But here’s the thing: Confidence isn’t size-dependent.

No matter our size we should feel good about ourselves. We don’t need to wait until tomorrow or 10 pounds from now or when we can fit into that goal dress.

Confidence is contagious. It can also be motivating. When I feel good about myself, I’m more likely to make smarter choices — eat healthier, work out, socialize (instead of sitting at home eating in front of the TV), etc., etc., etc.

But some days, I just don’t let myself feel confident, and often I blame it on my size. I tell myself I’ll do all those things I want to do when I lose weight. Only that’s an excuse. And it needs to stop. Even if that means faking it until it becomes my reality.

So I’m going to hold my head high, put a smile on, and dress the part.

I feel different when I wear nice clothes and do my hair versus rolling out of bed and running out in sweats that are four sizes too big. Yet, I tell myself “You’re not buying new pants until you lose more weight” — which is ridiculous.

Sure, if I’m dropping weight, I don’t need to buy a full wardrobe in every size, but I deserve clothes that fit, look good, and make me feel sexy. It’s okay to get something new, especially if it fits.

This is a journey. We need to love our bodies, even as they change. If that means wearing cute shoes, sexy underwear, and a fitted blouse, then I’m going to go for it! Dress for success. We’re on our way to goal, and we deserve to look and feel amazing as we make our way there.  

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