A Different Kind of Calendar

Using random national holidays for Weight Watchers inspiration

By Adam Kraemer

Most of you are probably aware that this past Monday was Presidents’ Day. Even more of you are probably aware that last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day (well, celebrated/lamented; you do you). Although they may not make your hanging calendar or close your office for a day, every day of the year is a national something day. Seriously!

(There might even be a National “Something-or-Other” Day. I haven’t checked.)

For example, February 27 is National Polar Bear Day. Or February 20 is both National Clean Out Your Bookcase Day and National Handcuff Day. I highly recommend not attempting to celebrate both simultaneously.

What’s fun, though, is that a lot — and I mean a lot — of national days seem to be about food. February 20, for example, is also National Cherry Pie Day. The 19th was National Chocolate Mint Day. February 25 is both National Chocolate Covered Nut Day and National Clam Chowder Day. Again, two celebrations I do not recommend combining.

However, here’s the fun part — you can use said national days to plan a meal if there’s a celebration of food low in SmartPoints® values.

There are also a lot of days that aren’t food-inspired. February 15, for somewhat obvious reasons, is National Singles Awareness Day. This is a day I celebrated. How? By going back to basics and making myself a single, very, very tasty meal of five-cheese ziti with self-added Italian seasoning and lightly sautéed crabmeat chunks (see photo). It was, as they say, darned good. A single-size meal for a single guy on Singles Awareness Day (SmartPoints value: 12, by the way). Unless this is a day to celebrate .45 singles records, in which case, I totally misunderstood.

Point is, celebrate every day. Especially March 8. That’s National Proofreading Day. I expect cards and gifts. And no typos.

Talk to you soon.

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