Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes they’re hard to make…sometimes not.

By Adam Kraemer

One of the things I never stopped paying for while I was on my hiatus from full-time work (sounds better than “panic-inducingly underemployed”) was the gym. This is partly because I would actually go to the gym from time to time and partly because I wasn’t entirely sure how to put my membership on temporary hold. And mostly because unless I was going to the gym or thinking about putting my membership on hold, I pretty much forgot I was still paying for it.

But I have a new job now, as I’ve stated. And I still belong to the gym. For those of you who don’t remember, it’s walking distance from my apartment (in a city where simply saying “walking distance” often results in the kind of blank stare normally reserved for statements like, “Why don’t they make an Indiana Jones movie where the entire cast is made of up of iguanas?”), and I can even see the “L.A. Fitness” sign from my apartment.

However, unlike with my last job, there isn’t another branch close to my office. Which means going to the gym on the way home and spending 20 minutes trying to find parking (that’s actually not a joke; it’s in a very busy shopping center) or driving home first and then walking back to the gym. Which totally works, except that once I’m home at the end of the work day, leaving again takes incredible strength of will.

So I started recently looking into possibly switching gyms to one closer to my office. That has the benefit of my being able to head there after work and then go home after. This is what I used to do when I lived in New York, though I didn’t have a car, so spending 20 minutes finding a parking spot would have been a really pointless undertaking. Also, it allowed me to be fairly sweaty on the subway, which has the added benefit of not having to interact with too many people.

However, there are no gyms near my office with branches near my apartment (and, therefore, no gyms near my apartment with branches near my office). So either I stay at my current gym with its attendant issues, or I join a gym that I can’t walk to. Admittedly, I could quit the gym entirely and just go jogging, like plenty of people, but that wouldn’t have filled four paragraphs. If you have any solutions, feel free to visit the Facebook page I’ve set up for this column.

Now, not all weight-loss conundrums are quite as conundrummy (it’s a word because I say it is). For example, I got home from bar-hopping with a friend on Friday night to discover I was hungry. Maybe “discover” is the wrong word. It’s not like I was searching for the source of some weird sensation I’d never felt before. And I looked in the fridge. “Hmmm…egg whites, skim milk cheese, thin-sliced smoked turkey…. I’ll make an omelet.”

See? Easy decision. And I’m getting quite good at making beautiful omelettes (see photo). Yes, the shredded lettuce is for garnish. Yes, it’s because I didn’t have any parsley. No, I don’t usually garnish my omelettes. Yes, that was because I wanted to make the photo special for you guys, my readers. You’re welcome.

So what have we learned? Switching gyms: hard decision. Low-fat, low-calorie omelette: easy decision. How to end this column: medium decision.

Talk to you soon.

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