Dealing with the Storm

By Shani Petroff

The weather by me has been intense. Storms shook the area, family members lost power, downed trees closed streets, and there’s a ton of cleanup to be done. The rain is still coming, it’s expected for most of the week. Weather like this makes me want to stay indoors, it makes me want to not worry about my SmartPoints® Budget, it makes me want to stock up on tons of comfort food, and it makes me want to go back to bad habits.

Only I’m not going to do that.

I don’t have control of the weather. I don’t have control of the damage it causes. But I do have control of myself and my choices.

Just because there was an actual storm, doesn’t mean I need to go into an eating storm.

I realize when the weather is gloomy, I’m not as motivated—so I need to work harder:

I need to plan meals on My Day. If I’m stuck in the apartment, I know what I have to eat, and it’s even easier to plan ahead. I just have to do it!

Scheduling time for exercise and movement is a must—even if it’s just cleaning my apartment, doing some sit-ups and arm lifts while watching TV, or trekking to the first floor to throw out the garbage (my elevator is still out, so flights and flights of stairs have become the new norm for me).

Braving the rain. If the rain is more than a day, I really need to get out. Since I sometimes work from home, it’s easy to stay cooped up inside, but seeing people and having human interaction lifts my mood, which in turn helps me stay on track.

More mood boosters. A cup of mint tea, some stretches, uplifting music, one of my favorite scented candles, a well-lit room—all of these help me go from sluggish to awake, so that instead of the sleepy, rainy-day feeling, I have a motivated, I’ve-got-this one.

Cook! If I’m stuck indoors, it’s a fun way to keep busy, motivated, have a healthy meal, and break up tasks. If I’m working on a book. I outline a chapter, then take a break to get the ingredients prepped. Then it’s back to writing. When I’m getting antsy, it’s time to put all the ingredients together and get my meal in the oven, after which I work again. Usually, by the time I want another break, the food is done—and it’s time for lunch!

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