Crunched for Time: Convenient Workouts

By Bailey Swilley

Welcome to a special edition of Fitness Novice! Long time, no class — I know. I am still working out, earning FitPoints®, and sweating buckets, but lately, it’s been at the track, treadmill, and in the living room.

Why? It’s been a very busy spring — I moved apartments, took on some more comedy opportunities, and started writing freelance social media, making it kind of tough to schedule classes at boutique studios. Working out has really been a do-it-when-I-can effort.

However, the apartment I moved to faces a running track, making it the most convenient place I have ever lived, when it comes to my fitness. At least four days a week, I run before or after work — 12 laps usually (three miles) and recently, in the elevator, a trainer told me to start incorporating sprints. So, guess what? Now I’m doing sprints during the last four laps. (Thanks for the free tip, sir!)

This got me thinking — I can’t be the only one who is strapped for time. For many, the summer is busier than the rest of the year because kids are home, families visit each other, it’s wedding season, and so on. So, I’m going to fill you in on the things that have helped me stay in shape through my busiest times.

1. The track. If you live somewhere with a sidewalk, a park, a road that’s not busy with traffic, or a golf course, then you have a place to walk, jog, run, or practice sprints!

2. Office gym. If you’ve got one, check it out! Free treadmills, weights, bikes, air conditioning, and sometimes cable TV? What’s there to think about? Get in there before your morning meeting!

3. Bike-share programs. If you live in a metropolitan area with a bicycle-share program, consider getting a membership. Most are fairly affordable and it’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, get fresh air, tour your city, and get a workout in! Make sure you’re familiar with biking laws and always wear a helmet. One of my favorite parts of the summer is hopping on a Citi Bike and riding across one of our beautiful NYC bridges.

4. YouTube. There are endless, free workouts right at your fingertips on YouTube. Check out Tone It Up, Blogilates, and my personal favorite, Fitness Blender. Check out their Ultimate HIIT Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily — it’s fast, effective, and easy to follow along.

5. Discount/Coupon sites. Check out various deal sites to find sales on workouts you want to try. This is a great way to experience new fitness studios in your area at very cheap prices. Recently, I found three free months to Daily Burn on Groupon. Woo-hoo!

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