Creating a Successful Summer

The summer season is full of potential pitfalls, but it also presents huge opportunities for succeeding in your weight-loss goals!

By Kenneth Selke

Summer is here and in full effect! It’s HOT! Even with the heat, I’ve always had a special love for the summer season since my birthday falls on July 9, and the fact that as a kid, summer always meant that school was out. Now that I’m a bit older, and not a student any longer, I still find myself becoming excited when summer rolls around, especially since we live so close to the beach. This week Erin and I went into full summer-mode; we went to the beach twice, barbecued at our house, and have been enjoying the long days by going out and being active together after I get home from work. Whether it’s a walk on the beach, or a hike around our property, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Just because we’re not on summer vacation doesn’t mean that we can’t act like we are! I really hope that this last week is an indicator of how this entire season is going to go for us: happy, healthy, and full of excitement.

kenny - bbq

The only concern I have about summer (besides the occasional scorching weather) is the fact that it’s always chock-full of potential opportunities to “slip” on my journey. Over the next couple of months we will be busy. We’re planning on traveling a bit, having family in town, celebrating my birthday, and the coming holiday…. It’s going to be more difficult than normal to stay on plan and keep succeeding with my goals. Even though these trips and events present more opportunities for poor food choices, this season provides me with more ways to stay active. In previous years while on my journey, I’ve done well using this strategy: offsetting my occasional slips by incorporating more activity into my day-to-day routine. Even with the traveling and celebrations, success is possible!

I really do consider myself lucky to live so close to the beach, and take full advantage of it. Not only is it a perfect place to cool off, but also provides a lot of ways to be active. Erin and I do, in fact, take long walks on the beach together, as cheesy as it sounds, but I also enjoy swimming in the ocean and going bodyboarding whenever I can. Every time we have visitors during the summer, going to the beach is always high on the list of things they want to do, and I’m happy to oblige. I get to enjoy time with family and friends while being active and having fun. What more could you ask for?! Oh yeah, it’s also free. So, there’s that, too.

kenny - malibu
This season is just getting underway, and all things considered, I’m really looking forward to making progress on my journey while fully enjoying all the fun things we have planned. I hope everyone is just as excited and ready to fully enjoy life during this opportune season. Get out, get active, and be happy!

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