Country Living

Creating a “micro farm” from scratch helps provide many plan-friendly foods and a lot of activity. Win-win scenario!

By Kenneth Selke 

My wife and I recently moved from a small townhouse condo into a cozy, private, and beautiful countryside home on 50 acres. After the winter rains had eased up here in California, we immediately turned our attention to utilizing all this new space around us, planting a few planter boxes full of vegetables and herbs. As time has gone on, and our garden continues to grow, we’re right on the verge of literally enjoying the fruits of our labor! Tending to our garden has become a very enjoyable, relaxing, and intriguing hobby of mine, and this week, I decided to take our little garden and upgrade it into becoming a little farm! Erin and I went out and bought a chicken coop, so that we can have farm-fresh eggs every day. So what started out as a simple garden quickly became a hobby, then a bit of an obsession, and is now a micro farm!

kenny - chickens
Getting a chicken coop made sense for us after doing the math; in an average day, Erin and I consume about five eggs per day. Egg prices have surged here in California, but we have incorporated eggs into our daily meal plans, and find it almost impossible to consider not having them every day. As luck would have it, Erin’s grandparents had four fully grown laying hens at their house, which they needed to give away since they are moving soon. They offered them to us, along with all the feeders, watering jugs, hay, and feed that the chickens would need for quite a while. It was at that point we decided that we should get a chicken coop and take the hens off their hands. We headed down to our local wholesale store, and purchased an inexpensive yet sturdy, nice-looking chicken coop made to fit five full-grown hens. When we got home, it took us about 2 hours of teamwork, drilling, deciphering directions, and “constructive argument” to get it put together, but when we were done, we realized it was so worth the effort! The coop looked great and was ready for some hens! We drove home that next weekend, picked up the hens, and drove them all the way back to our house. I’m happy to say the chickens seem to have enjoyed the trip (we made it VERY comfortable for them on the ride to their new home) and are thoroughly enjoying the coop! Now it’s only a matter of time before they get settled in, and start laying some delicious and nutritious eggs for us!

kenny - chickens
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