By Debbie Koenig

Are you active on Connect? If you’re unfamiliar with it, Connect is Weight Watchers’ social-networking platform, where members post pictures, celebrate losses, ask for advice, and much more. I stop by regularly, to share my new Picky Kid, Busy Mom articles and to see what’s going on, and I’ve found it to be one of the warmest, most supportive spaces online. On any given day, I see:

Posts from members who haven’t told anyone in their real lives that they’re on the program. They’re too nervous to go public, in case they don’t succeed. But on Connect they hear nothing but enthusiasm, a big ol’ You-Can-Do-It! Photos of feet on scales showing new milestones — I’ve lost count of how many 199-point-somethings I’ve spotted. Newbies looking for advice, and receiving oodles. Members talking about how they handle
holidays (on Valentine’s Day, one member put up a photo of an orange with the word “chocolate” written on it, a gift from an understanding friend).

Celebrations of people hitting goal, making Lifetime, breaking through a plateau, and marveling at their first-week losses. Members with freshly broken hearts, either looking for support to keep from overeating or patting themselves on the back (and rightly so) when they stay on track. Richly deserved boasts about non-scale victories like dropping a size, no-longer-diabetic blood test results, and getting engaged.

So. Many. Inspiring before-and-after photos. Seriously, if you’re having trouble spotting the difference in your body, post a pair of pictures and the Connect crowd will help. Pictures of food — tempting food — usually with a link to a recipe and SmartPoints® value. Whenever I feel a bit uncertain about my life on the program (yes, after almost 20 years as a Lifetime Member, I still have questions), I have a place to go for help. That feeling is invaluable.

If you’d like to Connect with me, I’m @debbieskoenig.

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