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Comfort Food Face-Lift: Flourless Chocolate Cake

A new twist on this classic dessert.
Published April 13, 2018

Rich, creamy, dense, and intense—this profoundly chocolate experience might seem tough to lighten up, but a few tweaks do the trick. Here’s how.


How We Lightened Up this Chocolate Cake


1. Chocolate

The classic: Lots of rich dark chocolate
New and improved: Slash the amount of full-fat chocolate but boost the flavor’s impact by adding cocoa powder.


2. Butter

The classic: Plenty of butter.
New and improved: Replace almost all of it with light sour cream and almond flour to cut calories but keep the luxurious mouthfeel.


3. Garnish

The classic: Whipped cream or ice cream.
New and improved: Powdered sugar and fresh raspberries provide a festive pop of flavor without the fat. 


4. Eggs

The classic: Whole eggs.
New and improved: Whipping the whites and adding them to the batter separately from the yolks helps give this cake its sensational texture.


The secret ingredient...

Whipped egg whites are one secret to this cake’s success. They need to be beaten to perfection— you’re aiming for peaks that look soft but stand up on their own. After sugar is added, those peaks become firm and glossy. Keep a close eye on the process, especially toward the end, so you don’t overwhip. Folding the beaten egg whites into the batter adds loft.