Clickety Click, September 2017

By Debbie Koenig

I’ve got so much to share with you this month! Happy reading.

I turn 52 in December, and lately I’ve been feeling every minute of it. This story about getting fit after 50 inspires me.

We are never too fat to exercise. Never. Check out how the woman behind Fat Girl Running starts her day right

Even at my most fit and thin, I’m not sure I could’ve matched the moves performed by the Alabama State University Honey Bees

Sometimes I judge people who seem to be naturally fit and healthy even though they eat junk food regularly. And when I say “judge,” I really mean “hate.” After watching this video, I realize how wrong I am.

How many of these nutrition “facts” did you used to believe?

A while back, I wrote about my enthusiastic embrace of the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Turns out, there’s a blog dedicated to using the appliance to eat healthfully — the blogger lost 120 lb using it! These aren’t necessarily Weight Watchers recipes, but her progress amazes me.

I like to get outraged every so often, especially when the story has an ending that makes me pump my fist in the air

I can’t let a links list go by without some mention of picky eating. This story on Epicurious, about what happened when a mom let her picky kids plan the week’s menu, made me laugh, then made me hope.

And finally, to leave you with a smile: Kittens swimming towards rescue

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