Clickety Click October 2017

By Debbie Koenig

In the last year, a lot of discussion has happened about how we as a country treat obese people. And that discussion continues, which can only be a good thing. This month’s links include quite a few that touch on the subject:

Here’s a fascinating look at how television shows have portrayed overweight women over the years. Remember “Fat Monica” from Friends?

An organization called “Teaching Tolerance” published a genuinely helpful look at how schools can proactively fight fat stigma

Fat stigma affects our health, too, since medical professionals may ascribe very real symptoms to their patients’ obesity. This in-depth article covers how harmful that is.

Y’know how women’s magazines are always telling us how to dress in order to hide our bodies’ flaws? This story turns that idea on its head, instead suggesting ways to flaunt what we do like.

In the U.S. childhood obesity is a major problem (no kidding). But elsewhere in the world, children’s food-related issues are quite different

Infographics can make it really easy to understand complicated ideas. This collection of 25 cooking-related infographics should help you get dinner on the table.

Over the years I’ve mentioned the Cornell Food and Brand Lab’s seemingly ground-breaking studies about why we eat what we eat, so I feel I owe it to you to point out that a lot of that work is now coming under question and even being retracted

I always try to wind these up with something to make you smile. This month I couldn’t decide which to go with, so I thought I’d share both: In the first, a tiny hedgehog goes camping (squee). And the second collects numerous ohmygod moments from a petkeeping TV show that aired on local cable in the 90s. Seriously: Oh. My. God.

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