Clickety Click November 2016

By Debbie Koenig

Grab your laptop, settle into a cozy chair, and enjoy this month’s assortment of Internet gems:

We think a lot about SmartPoints® value of foods, but the health benefits matter, too. I found this article, about tweaks to make good-for-you foods even better, pretty thought-provoking. Increase the nutritional bang for the buck when you cook!

The farmers markets here suddenly abound with kohlrabi, a vegetable that’s pretty alien to me (in terms of looks and use). According to TheKitchn, you can use it in place of quite a few different vegetables. Good to know, right?

Would you spend $81 to have collard greens delivered to your Thanksgiving table? (If you would, too late: They’re already sold out.)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here’s a food-obsessive’s take on how to eat healthfully during a notoriously indulgent holiday.

Ladies, if you’ve ever wondered if men could handle the hormonal swings we live with on the regular, we have an answer.

I’ve been known to take a perfectionist approach to eating and exercise: If I can’t do it exactly right, why try? If you’re the same way, here’s how we can put an end to the all-or-nothing attitude.

Obesity has a genetic component. So why do so many Americans believe it’s all about willpower?

If virtual reality could fool your brain into believing you’d eaten a much larger cookie than you really had, would you try it?

Given the tumult during the aftermath of the election, I’ve been collecting distractions. Cats With Cartoon Eyes and Mouths is my favorite. Also helpful: a livestream called Kitten Academy, “where kittens learn to cat.” You’re welcome.

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