Clickety Click May 2018

By Debbie Koenig

I’m sure at some point over the holiday weekend you’ll be sitting in the sunshine (or perhaps under a shady tree), wishing you had something to read. Bring a device with you, and you’re good to go:

Here’s a lovely meditation on being kind to ourselves about our bodies, paired with some truly spectacular-looking salads.

A funny visual reminder that your body is nobody’s business but your own. 

Have you heard of the Eurovision Song Contest? It’s a big deal everywhere in the world but here, it seems. This year’s winner is from Israel and, well, you have to check this out. It involves chicken noises.

When I’m feeling really down on myself, I get embarrassed by my body at the gym. This woman pole dances with abandon and it’s lovely. “We deserve to be here, and we’re gonna work out whether you like it or not.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s a fascinating article about how fat people get stigmatized, by a researcher on the subject.

I love this idea: Grocery-store therapy helps people with eating disorders manage the stress and anxiety that can happen when they’re near food. A nutrition counselor video-chats with them while they shop!

And another sign of progress on the medical/therapy front: Culinary medicine is an emerging field, in which doctors learn to cook and counsel their patients about nutrition.

I always like to leave you with a smile—or in this case, gasping for air because you’re laughing so hard: Cats Who Immediately Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

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