Clickety Click March 2017

By Debbie Koenig

Grab a tablet, pull up a comfy chair, and roam the Internet with me:

I definitely have an “excuse brain.” How about you?

During the three years it took me to lose 100 pounds, I had a lengthy plateau. Non-scale victories got me through, but some days I needed a reminder that I could measure success without numbers. This list of health victories worth celebrating would’ve come in handy.

Bob Harper — the super-fit host of “The Biggest Loser” — had a heart attack. Which shouldn’t make you stop trying to reach goal, but it should help you see that weight isn’t necessarily the best indicator of health

“Best before,” “Use by,” “Sell by,” “Expires on”…. Food labeling confuses us into throwing away perfectly good food. But that’s about to change, which ought to save us a lot of money and reduce food waste.

If your kid’s as picky as mine (I’m so sorry), recent studies found two intriguing ways to encourage them to try new things.

Because he’s so picky, I give my guy a multivitamin semi-regularly (I forget a lot). He gobbles up that gummy like it’s candy, and it turns out it really is candy. Good thing I forget so often….

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