Clickety Click June 2018

By Debbie Koenig

Pull up a seat, put up your feet, and start reading. We’ve got lots of good stuff this month!

Is there any truth to the idea that some foods can make your metabolism burn more calories, faster

Here’s an ugly story about fat discrimination, with an interesting ending. 

One thing I like about being on the other side of menopause: I don’t get those monthly chocolate cravings any more. Don’t get me wrong—I still love chocolate. I just don’t find myself obsessing about it for a few days every month. If you still do, this article might help you deal with it. 

Do you need more motivation to get in shape? Try this: A new study found that at midlife, people who were more fit were less likely to be depressed later in life. 

I used to hate going to the doctor, because as soon as I got on the scale I knew a lecture would follow. Imagine what doctors’ visits would be like if that didn’t happen

Tess Holliday, who wears a size 22, is on the cover of the July Self magazine. 

My son is turning 12 this summer, but I still think about the 19 months we spent trying—and failing—to get and stay pregnant. This “infertility in pictures” article made me weepy. 

We’re heading into the July 4th holiday. Here’s a reminder: Don’t be afraid to wear a bathing suit in public

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