Clickety Click June 2017

By Debbie Koenig

Pull up a lawn chair and a glass of iced tea and grab your tablet, because several of this month’s links nod towards summer:

Please don’t tell me you’re still stressing about putting on a bathing suit. If you are, check out this awesome woman, who lost 135 pounds and donned a teeny-tiny bikini for a bodybuilding competition, flaunting her loose skin like a badge of honor

If that inspired you to work out right now, try this 15-minute low-impact workout I found on Facebook. It involves absolutely no jumping or running, but it still gets your heart pounding.

I first became aware of writer Roxane Gay on Twitter, where her incisive, sharply worded tweets almost always make me nod in agreement. Her new book, Hunger, is about her struggle to navigate the world as a fat person. “I really just wanted to talk about what obesity — no, I hate that word — what fat looks like, beyond what people generally see, where you’re talking about someone who is 60 or 100 pounds overweight,” Gay says. “I wanted to wrest control of that narrative back from the people who have seized it.”

When the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health writes about fat-shaming, you know it’s a thing. “We know that feeling self-defeated makes people engage in unhealthy behaviors,” says physician and researcher Tracy Richmond. “So, if we can get people to feel empowered yet still want to make changes to improve their health, that’s the ultimate.”

I definitely struggle to feel sexy. Good thing Tess Holliday is here to remind me that I deserve to feel good about myself

Here’s a reminder I need to keep handy when I’m about to eat my son’s pizza crusts: You are not a garbage disposal

Up at our house we don’t have air conditioning. It’s nestled in the woods and generally cool so we thought it wouldn’t matter, but two weeks ago temps leapt up into the 90s and we were miserable. I’m totally using some of these suggestions for how to sleep well without AC. Sticking sheets in the freezer: Check.

Think of all the wacky foods in Roald Dahl’s books. Now imagine having him as your father, waking you up for midnight jaunts to the woods for a sweet treat. 

Just for fun: I really want to know how they got these cats to sleep this way.

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